What's Causing My Bad Breath?

Also called halitosis, bad breath can leave you chronically embarrassed. Your anxiety about your bad breath can limit your life, both personally and professionally. The damage to your self-confidence due to persistent bad breath could have lasting impacts.


If you have persistent bad breath that doesn’t go away after brushing and flossing, an underlying cause may be to blame. Once you’ve identified the culprit, you can get started treating your bad breath once and for all. You may even catch real health problems through the symptom of bad breath.


At 88 SmileDesign of Mount Vernon, New York, Edly Destine, DDS has the experience you can trust when coping with sensitive conditions like bad breath. Dr. Destine can diagnose the cause of your bad breath and help you find a lasting solution. After the right treatment, you won’t have to worry about bad-smelling breath fouling up your social or business interactions anymore.


When gum and mints don’t help


Some bad breath has limited, specific causes — like a lunch heavy in garlic. A breath mint, chewing gum, or a good brushing and flossing can restore freshness without much trouble. Chronic bad breath, in contrast, comes back again and again.


Chronic bad breath has multiple possible causes, besides dental hygiene habits and food choices. You might also be dealing with:



Smoking tobacco also leaves a stale smell in your mouth, so if you smoke and have bad breath, you may want to look into resources to support you while quitting.


Check-in with a professional


If your bad breath issues don’t go away after improved oral hygiene or lifestyle changes, like better hydration, it might be time to get a second opinion. Dr. Destine can review your symptoms and diagnose the cause of your halitosis. 


The 88 SmileDesign team can repair tooth decay with fillings, and can also help you address gum disease problems. If needed, Dr. Destine can recommend other specialists to consult on your case and address the root cause of your bad breath. With help, you can resolve your symptoms for good and become consistently confident in your smile.

To schedule your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Destine as soon as possible and get started addressing your halitosis for good, call his Fleetwood, Mount Vernon, New York office today, or book using the online tool.

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